Chapter: The Mountains

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Created By: Ross Glover

Length: Approximately 3500 kilometers

Unless otherwise stated all photos are by Ross Glover

Region 6 – The Cariboo

The TCAT route leaves the Shuswap Region and starts a long backcountry journey through the Cariboo.  The route visits historical small towns that were once significant to B.C.’s development.  The Gold Rush of the late 1800’s brought thousands into the area but today with only 4% of B.C.’s population in the Cariboo Region, remoteness is guaranteed.

Heading west to Canim Lake and then north past several First Nations communities and many good fishing lakes, you arrive in Horsefly.


This small town that was once called Harpers Camp sprang up quickly after gold was discovered here in 1859.  There is a general store, motel and restaurant but fuel availability cannot be guaranteed.  Camping availability is close by at Horsefly Provincial Park.  There is more great Cariboo scenery on the way north to Likely.


Likely is situated on Quesnel Lake, the deepest fjord lake in North America and has the only inland temperate rain forest in the world.  Fuel and food is available with camping nearby at Cedar Point Provincial Park.

A side trip to Quesnel Forks ghost town is a recommended must see.

23      quesnel forks
Quesnel Forks

The next leg of the Cariboo Section is approximately 160 kms of uninterrupted wilderness road and is the longest uninterrupted section of the B.C. mainland portion of the TCAT.

24       on the way to wells
On the way to Wells

At the end of this road is Wells, the most visited of all the small Cariboo towns.  Colourful Wells has a population of about 100 in the winter and 400 in the summer.  In its heyday it had a population of about 4500.  After the closures of the local mines, most of the residents moved away.  Today it services approximately 100, 000 visitors that come through it each summer to see Barkerville Historic Town and to paddle the world renowned Bowron Lake Circuit.  Motels, campsites, restaurants and fuel are available in Wells.  Barkerville Historic Town is another must see attraction.

A combination of paved and gravel roads travel west to Quesnel to start the Chilcotin Region of the route.  Quesnel with a population of approximately 10,000 has all the services.

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