TCAT - The Forest Continued

Thunder Bay to the Manitoba border

Distance: 956 kilometers

Duration: 2-4 days

A special thanks to Jenna Novic who along with a friend of hers, Mike Garner, pre rode this section and added valueable input along with the photos below



The next 2-4 days, depending on your speed, will likely involve camping in the rough. You are heading into relatively remote area where lodges and campgrounds are tough to find.

camping at quorn lake

 Camping at Quorn Lake

Following some gravel roads just north of Thunder Bay, the TCAT quickly gets onto a rail line trail. Washouts may be expected in the latter half of this trail as you get closer to the community of Sioux Lookout.

bridge outside of thunder bay

rail trail

washout on rail trail

Stuck in a washout on the rail trail

Fuel is available in Sioux Lookou but it’s not a very “touristy” town and maybe not a great spot to think about spending a night ;) I wouldn’t leave my gear unattended kind of a place.

sioux lookout

After Sioux Lookout gravel roads are utilized for the next big section of the TCAT. The route travels up and up over Lake Seul before arriving in the small community of Ear Falls (fuel and food). Another series of gravel roads brings you south to the city of Kenora.

the road out of sioux lookout

after sioux lookout

between ear falls and kenora

camping outside of ear falls

This section of the TCAT once again brings you “up north” and into areas that are seldom visited. Help is a long way away (as it is on most of the TCAT) so use caution. Carrying extra fuel “just in case” is recommended.

bear tracks sandy roads

Bear tracks on the road

above sioux lookout


Kenora is a scenic town of approximately 15, 000 people. The downtown is not without its charm as its located water front and has several options for accommodations and food. After a few days being in remote country, most folks will enjoy the modern amenities Kenora offers.

Once again the route follows highway #1 to the Manitoba border, a distance of 48 kilometres. This finishes the Forest Chapter of the TCAT.