TCAT - The Forest Continued

Distance:1000 kilometers

Duration: 2 very long days, most folks will take 3-4 days for this section

Special thanks to Gord Jones who was a great help in putting together the route in this section of the TCAT.

There is one Optional Technical Section

After leaving Timmins you have a 150 kilometres of pavement ahead of you (no fuel for this stretch). You turn right onto a road called the Sultan Industrial Road.

pavement after timmins

Leaving Timmins

Wide with loose and dusty gravel this road travels for a while before you once again utilize paved roads to get to the next remote section of the TCAT. Fill up with fuel in Chapleau before heading south on a wide gravel road which quickly gets quite narrow. A few climbs may present a challenge to some as they are steep with loose rocks and are quite narrow between trees. The route gets onto a power line double track trail before bringing you to a remote outfitters camp called Halfway Haven Reservations are a must. From Timmins to Halfway Haven is a good days ride (even longer for some folks) with the last section being challenging.

between sultan and halfway haven

The last stretch into Halfway Haven consists of double track trails

halfway haven 2

Above and below: Halfway Haven Lodge - Fuel is available but you must call ahead to confirm they will be open 

halfway haven

After departing Halfway Haven the TCAT follows a series of very remote gravel roads that are notorious for washouts. An optional, an optional technical section presents itself about 2/3 of the way to the town of Wawa.

washout near wawa

Washouts are common on these seldom used trails. 

go around wawa

Wawa is a logical stop for folks, with fuel, food and accommodations. Gord, a fellow in Wawa helped create the TCAT in this area and owns/runs a snowmobile/recreational vehicle dealership ( ). Stop in and say hi when you’re in town or pre arrange a mail drop of parts (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

between wawa and lodge

Above and below: Remote roads/trails on the way to the town of Wawa

before wawa

After leaving Wawa you travel on a paved/gravel road through the small towns of Hawk Junction and Dubreuilville for 95 kilometres before getting onto the Trans Canada Highway (highway #1).


There is a hotel in Dubreuilville called Relais Magpie LINK that is very bike friendly and well known to overland folks.  An enclosed garage along with a tuning bench, wifi, a sauna and whatnot are available.  Recently updated rooms at decent rates make this is a great place to plan to spend a night or a day off to do vehicle maintenance and or simply relax.

A scenic 463 kilometers of pavement are next on the agenda. The road has some great scenery as it follows the coast line of Lake Superior. At first glance you may be wondering about this day of the TCAT being paved but we think most folks travelling the TCAT’s entire length may welcome a relaxing day to enjoy the scenery.


Above: Getting supplies in Wawa

Below: Scenic views along Lake Superior

lake superior

Thunderbay is a city of over a 100, 000 people. Most amenities can be found here. The route heads north from Thunderbay and you’ll be travelling into some remote backcountry so a night in a modern town may be a good thing.


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