TCAT - The Forest Continued

The town of Bancroft to the city of North Bay

Distance: 429 kilometers

Duration: 1 long day or 2 days at a leisulry pace or if you did the tech section

One Optional Tech Section

Leaving Bancroft the route follows some paved roads along with a section of gravel back roads. An optional tech section splits off about 30 minutes from Bancroft (04 ON 04 TechAlt ) LINK

main after silent lake

Some fun double track roads combined with paved roads brings the route to where the optional tech section rejoins the route. From here you have a couple of hours of paved and gravel roads before you arrive at the town of Huntsville. This town is a nice and scenic with some great restaurants, a hotel or two, camping, etc. Hunstsville makes a logical stopping point for the night. This town is the hub for an area known as the Muskokas which is home to cottages of the affluent people from the city of Toronto. For folks who rode the tech section they will have a full day between Bancroft and Huntsville.

slab to algonquin park

Slabbing through scenic small towns

Shortly after leaving Huntsville (get fuel before you leave) you will ride an old rail trail called the Seguin Trail The trail may or may not have a water crossing or two on it and may have sections of small whoops in the sandy parts.

seguin trail 4

Above and below: The Seguin Trail 

seguin trail water

You will exit the Seguin Trail at the beginning of an old gravel road called the Nippissing Ghost Road The ghost road has a lot of history, as the name implies. Small plaques are located along the road, which for history buffs are worth a stop to get a feel for the area. After 30-60 minutes the TCAT gets onto the “Forgotten Trails”. This is a short section that may be slick with mud during wet conditions.

old nippissing ghost road

The intersection of the Seguin Trail and the Nippissing Ghost Road 

nippissing ghost

The Forgotten Trails

A series of paved and gravel roads are followed that bring you into the city of North Bay. This city is termed the gateway to the north. Most amenities can be found here. With a population of 55, 000 this small city is a likely stopping point for folks to stock up on supplies.

northbay sign

northbay main street

The main street of North Bay


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